Just Marry Us!

“Love is in the Air”

I hear this from many couples, Just Marry Us! “We Want a Short and Sweet Ceremony”

The Simple and Easy way to “Tie the Knot”

  1. Purchase your marriage license from any registries office
  2. Book a date and time with me
  3. I officiate a beautiful ceremony
  4. You exchange your vows
  5. I pronounce you


You are now as your hearts have always known you to be.


  • I cater to the romantic and spontaneous at heart and perform marriages with little notice, 24/7
  • I register your marriage with vital statistics after the ceremony
  • I provide you with a decorative marriage certificate, which can be used for name change two weeks after the ceremony.


Are you having a destination wedding?

Getting Married In Canada

Is easier and cheaper, than dealing with the paperwork and possible blood tests that other countries may require.

  • Would you like to separate the legal marriage from a larger wedding celebration at a later time?
  • Is it your desire to have a short and sweet ceremony?
  • Do you want to Tie the Knot after many years of building a life together?
  • Are you looking for an inexpensive, budget-wise way to get married?
  • Would you like a small, intimate ceremony with close friends and family?


I always carry a table, chair, tablecloth and centerpiece to ensure that you get those great signing photo’s. And don’t forget to practice the kiss.


For the mid-sized affair, I send you a file of special ceremonies. Some of these are a great way to add extra meaning by including family and friends in the ceremony. Some of these mini ceremonies can add a bit of humor too. Each of them are unique.


I send you a file of vows to choose from, they can be simple repeat after me or you can use them for ideas when writing your own.


For the small and mid-size ceremonies, typically there is no need for a rehearsal. For the mid-size ceremonies, I always arrive early to go over any of the fine details before we begin.

I make it easy for you!

Let me know the size of your ceremony: How many guests are you inviting?

The location: Backyard, Park, etc.

This info will help me get a good idea of the type of ceremony you want and which files to send you.

My fee is very reasonable, starting at $200

There are many beautiful FREE Locations around Edmonton for your intimate celebration

  • The City of Edmonton: Parks
  • The City of Edmonton: Gazebos
  • The Legislature Grounds is very popular FREE location 


Legislature Grounds-2Alberta Legislature Grounds

 LoisHole_Garden (400x266)

Lois Hole Memorial Gardens at the Legislature Grounds


What You Need When Applying For a Marriage License at a Registries Office

  • One piece of personal identification for both applicants with your correct legal names

Personal information for both applicants including:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Religious denomination
  • Mother’s legal name (including maiden name) and place of birth
  • Father’s legal name and place of birth

Rural Weddings

I travel to rural communities to perform marriages. You may want to have an intimate wedding in your backyard, local community park or you may have a favorite spot on your farm or acreage. I make it easy for you and do all the driving.


Thank you giving me the opportunity to be your Marriage Officiant.

Check Availability

Inquiries: fill in the form below with date, time and location of ceremony and I will usually respond within the hour.

To book me: I need the location of ceremony, full legal names and your marriage license number (L0000)

I appologize ahead of time if I am already booked for the day and time that you desire, I try my hardest to accomodate what works best for you.

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