Just Marry Us! A short and sweet ceremony

river valley ceremony-just marry us!

I hear this from many couples, Just Marry Us! We want a short and sweet ceremony.

Some couples have been together for many years and have felt married in their hearts for some time now and just want to make their marriage legal. Nothing big and fancy, a few heartfelt words, vows, kiss, pronouncement and signing. congratulations, you are married. 


I cater to the romantic and spontaneous at heart and perform marriages with little notice, 24/7


Just Marry Us!

Two Simple and Easy ways to “Tie the Knot”

  1. Basic Legal Marriage: JP type with you and your two witnesses

Purchase your marriage license from any registries office

Book a date and time

I say a few heartfelt words, blessing your special day

You exchange your vows and rings

I pronounce you

Congratulations, you are now as your hearts have always known you to be.


  1. Short & Sweet Ceremony: a small gathering in your home, backyard or park. (under 30 guests)

First: book a date and time for your ceremony

 Once that is done, I send a couple of files to help you personalize your ceremony

Second: purchase your marriage license from any registries office (it expires in 90 days, so don’t go too early)

I arrive early the day of to go over the fine details

The ceremony usually flows like this:



Bridal march

Giving away the bride

Welcoming of guests

Thoughts on marriage

Exchange of vows/rings

Marriage Blessing


The kiss


Last words on marriage

Presentation of couple



The above ceremonies typically do not require a rehearsal, I arrive early to go over any of the fine details before we begin.


Your photo’s are important

I always carry a table, chair, tablecloth and centerpiece to ensure that you get those great signing photo’s. And don’t forget to practice the kiss.


I register your marriage with vital statistics after the ceremony

I provide you with a decorative marriage certificate


Large Ceremony

Since there is more involved in the planning and preparation of the larger ceremonies (30-300) we need to arrange a time to get together and discuss your vision for the ceremony. 


Destination Weddings

Getting legally married in Canada is easier and cheaper. Something to be aware of when planning your destination wedding; some countries require blood tests and the marriage license is in the language of that country, which makes it difficult when you need to use it in the future.


Rural Weddings

I travel to rural communities to perform marriages. You may want to have an intimate wedding in your backyard, local community park or you may have a favorite spot on your farm or acreage. I make it easy for you and do all the driving.


There are many beautiful FREE Locations around Edmonton for your intimate celebration

  • The City of Edmonton: Parks
  • The City of Edmonton: Gazebos
  • The Legislature Grounds is very popular FREE location 


Legislature Grounds-2-just marry us!Alberta Legislature Grounds

 LoisHole_Garden-just marry us!Lois Hole Memorial Gardens at the Legislature Grounds

hawrelak park-just marry us!William Hawrelak Park


What You Need When Applying For a Marriage License at Registries

  • One piece of personal identification for both applicants with your correct legal names

Personal information for both applicants including:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Religious denomination
  • Mother’s legal name (including maiden name) and place of birth
  • Father’s legal name and place of birth


To book me: I need the location of ceremony, full legal names and the marriage license number that begins with L0000

Let me know which of the two Just Marry Us! ceremonies you are interested in.


Thank you giving me the opportunity to be your Marriage Officiant.

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