Ceremony Fee

Important information to know when it comes to the Ceremony Fee
The cost of a wedding officiant can vary. In order to understand the differences in fees, it’s important to understand the term officiant. It can refer to anyone who performs a wedding ceremony. There are experienced professional Officiants who perform wedding ceremonies for a living, all the way to someone who works at it part-time, officiating a few ceremonies per year.

As a Professional officiant I maintain high standards of quality because I rely on referrals to grow my business.

My fee is based on the time involved in preparation, travel, rehearsal and officiating your ceremony. On average I spend around 10 hours per ceremony.

For an additional fee of $50.00, I can provide a sound system for the ceremony.

Full Day

In some cases I need to charge a full day fee for out of town ceremonies as they may require a few hours traveling each way.


Just Marry Us!

I have budget options on the Just Marry Us! page for those who want to tie the knot the easy way

Everyone can afford me!


Thank you giving me the opportunity to be your officiant.

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