Ceremony Fee

Important information to know when it comes to the Ceremony Fee
The cost of a ceremony can vary depending on the size. There are basically three different sizes.

  1. A basic legal ceremony (JP type ceremony, you and your two witnesses)
  2. A small gathering in your home, backyard or park. (usually under 30 guests)
  3. A rented venue with 30 and more guests. This type of ceremony requires a rehearsal and a couple of meetings to plan things out.

As you can see the preparation and officiating times are different for each one of these types of ceremonies. It certainly would not be fair to charge a couple for option #3 ceremony when they are looking for a basic legal marriage. And it would not be fair to me to give an option #3 ceremony for basic marriage price, that is why I have broken everything up to these three categories, to be fair.

Just Marry Us!

For options 1. & 2. please check out the Just Marry Us! page for more information

Everyone can afford me!

Sound system rental for the ceremony: $50

Full Day

In some cases I need to charge a full day fee for out of town ceremonies as they may require a few hours traveling each way.



Thank you giving me the opportunity to be your officiant.

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