Edmonton Marriage Officiant

COVID-19 update: It is wise at this time to keep the ceremonies small and use zoom or social media for your guests. I ask that you monitor yourselves and have your witnesses do the same and possibly have backup witnesses just in case.

This is what I am doing to keep you safe: I am only booking one ceremony per day then isolating myself afterwards to watch for symptoms. I stay healthy and strong as I run and workout everyday. Just in case though, I have a couple of backup officiants who can step in if I see or feel any symptoms.

You don’t have to put you celebration on hold, we can do it smart and keep it small.

marriage officiant Brian Grinde: Edmonton Marriage Officiant 

Hello, I’m Rev. Brian Grinde a Edmonton marriage officiant.

Greetings and Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I am honored that you are considering me as your Marriage Officiant.

One of the most important moments of your life is your wedding day. There is nothing more important than for everything to be just the way you want it.  As your marriage officiant I am passionate about creating a ceremony that celebrates the unique qualities of your individual selves as well as your relationship. In getting to know each other, I find out how personal you want your ceremony to be. You may like me to tell a bit of your history, how you met, what makes your relationship magical and incorporate that into the ceremony.

Many of the couples I marry come from different religious or spiritual backgrounds, therefore I can create a ceremony that is inclusive of all traditions and beliefs.

I have creative ways to include family and friends in your ceremony as well, making it truly memorable. I love adding a bit of humor also and making your ceremony one that everyone will remember for years to come. Your guests may not remember the food or the music years from now but they will remember your ceremony.

I take the time to make sure that your wedding day is memorable and stress free.


LGBT Marriage Officiant

I am truly honored to be a part of the glorious celebration of love for all LGBT couples.


Thank you giving me the opportunity to be your marriage officiant.

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Other Services that I provide:

  • Pastoral Care: Home and Hospital Visits
  • Celebration of Life Ceremonies
  • Meditation Groups
  • Healing Sessions: Reiki Master Teacher
  • Metaphysics Classes
  • Firewalk Seminars


I am a Proud Member of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry